Est. in 2015, this is our ongoing quest in the pursuit of timeless beauty through the development and production of premium footwear for International clients.

Portcorner stands for Portuguese Corner. All our products are made in Portugal, the beautiful corner by the sea.


In a world of make-believe, words such as handcrafted and artisan get thrown around too cheaply, be it in a brand's bio or the launch of a sneaker capsule. Don't believe the hype, mass production and aggressive leadtimes have made artisans in the industry a rare breed.  We've been at this game for 20 years, it's not down to luck that we know some of the best makers in our region of Porto.


We're obsessed with vintage and retro-inspired design and fuse it with modern construction techniques, meaningful details and a unique choice of materials to achieve one of a kind footwear. A throwback to simple lines and a tasteful neutrality in colors let the designs do the talking. Combine this with an ongoing dedication to product utility and lifespan and you got the simplest form of anti-hype.


We venture into the blurred lines of Art, Design and Fashion in everything we do. Our strong and confident personalities are matched to our enthusiasm for all things creative. It's not a "lifestyle", it's just who we are.
We have a way of our own, celebrating our past and plotting a fresh vision forward through innovative ideas and products.

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