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Agenda 2024 – what’s on

. whatever is culturally relevant for us, with a focus on happenings in the North of Portugal.

A celebration of Serralves as an inclusive space for contemporary art and culture, while incorporating ideas and practices related to the environment and the landscape. Serralves, Porto - 2-4 June.

Vladislav Delay is back in Portugal, this time in Viseu. Expect an idiosyncratic mix of ambient, glitch, broken beat, house and everything in between.  It will be at the beautiful Claustro da Sé de Viseu at midnight. Jardins Efémeros, Viseu - 16 July.

Film Festival Curtas 2024. In competition are Animations, documentaries, fiction films, experimental films and music videos, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. Curtas, Vila do Conde - 12-21 July.

Heirs to the jazz of Miles Davis and the avant-garde of Autechre or Ryoji Ikeda, the band led by Koshiro Hino return to Portugal. Goat at GNRation, Braga - 19 July.

Osees (aka Thee Oh Sees), the very energetic rock band from S. Francisco plus Shame, The Last Internationale, Mão Morta and more will play a promising Festival de Ponte de Lima - 1-3 August.

A unique exhibition organised by MAC/CCB in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. Evidence: Soundwalk Collective and Patti Smith, Lisbon - until 15 September 2024.

One of Europe’s finest underground music, art and culture festivals celebrates its 10th anniversary. Amplifest, Porto - 9 & 10 November.


Jung, Rothko, Tanning, Duchamp: Inside the mind of Nadav Kander. An awesome British Journal of Photography interview.

I'm holding a record close to my heart: Deinonychus 'The Weeping of a Thousand Years', a 2023 re-issue of the 1996 dark/doom metal masterpiece.

Sampling beauties.

My trustworthy Fuji XT-4 pistol on a cage. Asahi Super Takumar 35mm f3.5 lens on a Urth mount, and a K&F variable ND filter.

Watched Bronson again.

. I have a tendency to re-watch Brit flicks when I miss London too much. Specially those with a banal urbanity. This is peak Tom Hardy before all of the Hollywood fuss. It's violent to the core, often crass but it's genuine. That scene where a large group of psychiatric inmates starts dancing to the Pet Shop Boys song 'It's A Sin', is alone worth the price of the ticket. If you like Nicolas Winding Refn movies and aesthetic, make sure to check his free curated website of films, essays and more art byNWR.





1/ Found this stunning Braun Dieter Rams Hi-Fi CE500 & CSV250 on sale here.

2/ Portrait of the great Alfred Schnittke by Reginald Gray. His Requiem composition (1975) is used in my mixes quite often, ranging from the ambient to the ominous ones. One of Schnittke’s most conceptual statements, it boldly combines styles (from the Baroque to avant-garde), composition techniques, and lineups. It is also one of the highest expressions of Schnittke’s Polystylistics and the so-called "new simplicity".

3/ Artwork by the great William Schaff , well known primarily for his mastery at designing the album artworks for Okkervil River, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Songs: Ohia, and this Gravenhurst record. This albuim is a collection of unreleased and intriguing early treasures from the Gravenhurst archives, discovered whilst researching material for the tenth anniversary reissue of Flashlight Seasons and Black Holes in the Sand. It was released by Warp.

4/ A penchant for the dramatic. The vinyl for Prurient 'Oxidation', released 2012 on Hospital Productions.

Sahara sand storms reached Portugal again, turning blue to sepia, reminding us of what a Dune-like dystopian world with a faltering atmosphere looks like.
Serenity. River Minho.



1/ The MAAT in Lisbon is hosting in its Gallery 1 an extensive exhibition of photographs, videos and sculptural pieces by Nicolas Floc'h (France, 1970). From March 27th until 26 August.

2/ This Birdie is of Danish design and is an ingenious friendly reminder to keep a healthy indoor climate.

3/ The latest Slanted issue is not about war. Instead, it delves into the lives of remarkable individuals within the creative industry in and hailing from Ukraine, as they endeavour to maintain a semblance of normalcy amidst their diligent efforts.

4/ Animal Collective's "Sung Tongs" will be 20 years next month! An album that has made a huge impact on me and is still relevant in my collection. This is a picture I took at 8mm in Porto back in December 23. This is an incredible record store where I got myself some rare Moondog and Urfaust last time I visited and it's guaranteed to make you splurge on dozens of records you didn't know you needed.

Up to Montalegre – Portugal


The twisted roads to Montalegre demand your attention but are also the epitome of natural beauty.

It is Sunday today, but no resting for the local cattle breeders.

Mother and Son (front). I took this picture from inside my car. They wouldn't move and rightly so, this is their patch, they own the cobblestones. Hope to see them next year.

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Snow in Montalegre, North Portugal. 10 March 2024.

We go up to Montalegre once every year around this time, for the traditional “Cozido à Barrosã”, a delicious dish proposing an assortment of local smoked meats and vegetables cooked in boiling water. But really, it is only an excuse to venture into one of the countries most stunning sceneries of the North. Second to none in its combination of desolate small planes and majestic mountains, it acquires the status of fantastic with the arrival of the snow. Omit needless words. Music excerpt taken from Malaria by Celer.

Paris FW24








1/ The Paris round-up (28/2 - 2/3).

2/ Outside the bustling Merci.

3/ Mandatory visit #1.

4/ Mandatory visit #6. Ofr. is one of the nicest bookshops for modern magazines and thematic, lifestyle centric books. Congrats to my youngest kid Tita for completing another turn around the sun. Here she is pictured holding a copy of  Hartcopy Aesthetic Survival - 20 Bivouacs in One Season.

5/ 'It's the brand's largest store at 1500 sq meter and will provide a holistic lifestyle experience for customers...' - Kith. Sure it is almost embarrassingly big, its got a nice looking bar (pictured) and is full of  the 'beautiful people' one expects to see carrying bags (from UAE, KW or similar) and S. Korean tik-tokers and thats all white marble shiny and rivals any dept. store for valuable product, but this is actually a store I will skip for the Internet, and not the other way around.

6/ Now here's a store I will not skip for the internet, its the always seducing Broken Arm (which other store can display items named 'Selfish Cunt' on the open). It's a store that feels really modern but also traditional in its aesthetic, like the good old days at the start of the new millennium, with some incredible new conceptual stores opening such as Trés Bien in Stockholm, Odin in NY, or the much missed b Store in London (closed sometime in 2012) stocking forever favourites like Bless, Christian Wijnants, Ute Ploier or Bernhard Willhelm. I also wanted to speak to the store about their secretive project OHNE which had blew my head away a few years back with its intrepid web design and super content... its currently being updated and will continue to be curated by the good folks from BA.








1/ 'Bom Dia, Boa Tarde, Boa Noite', NR. 42-74: Celebrating 25 Years of Always Stress with BLESS.

2/ Found a nice little book about Alentejo, my favourite region of the South of Portugal, published by A Week Abroad. There's always something interesting to be found at Merci.

3/ More books.

4/ There's always time to go around Vieille Du Temple for some galley fun.

5/ Graffiti mural in the works in Le Marais.

6/ Yes, this is the famous bridge used in Christopher Nolan's 2010 mind boggling movie 'Inception': the 'Pont de Bir-Hakeim'. In the movie a section of the bridge is transformed into an infinite mirror, as Ariadne looked on in disbelief.








1-2/ The roof experience in Paris is underrated.

3/ Inside the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

4-6/ Birthday dinner at Chez Janou.



Shoes of the Week: Groundcover


Groundcover FW24 drop sneaker "Schema".

"In nature, a thing is always born, and developed, as a whole.."

Going full Bio, Recycled and Upcycled should be 100% achievable for any brand.


Nick Cave, always the story teller, has produced '17 stations of the Devil' in ceramic. They tell the story of the wretch from his birth to his death.

The 'Mosteiro de Pombeiro' in Felgueiras, this Easter. Founded in 1102 by D. Gomes Echiegues, it was one of the most important Benedictine monasteries of the time.

Its quite a beautiful and relaxing place, Six Senses in the Douro Valley, despite the perpetual flock of parvenue types.

Traditional summer tableware assortment from the Algarve. We love to use these in our region's unique celebrations of São João, the patron saint of the city of Porto.

Quick trip to London

Daunt Books, always.

Luisa drooling over this Aladdin Sane David Bowie 50th anniversary picture book.

A day in London will include, time permitting, a visit to my favourite Rough Trade in Brick Lane. Pictured, playing a free set last 26th was Brad Stank. I once saw Alex G playing a free show here, it was sometime in late 2014.

Now, I had to buy this! Been a No Means No fan since my first year at uni.

This is a little Weird, but thoroughly satisfying, obviously Brit magazine.

These bright orange Ojas in the oddest of places.

Old School cats.


The ever present mess of magazines and books to read.

A picture worth a thousand words right here, taken from 'Rome - Portrait of a City' by Giovanni Fanelli (Taschen)

Living Room of a shoe agent. Boot MNZ.

A Day in Porto

Quick visit in Monte Dos Burgos.

Clérigos from distance.

Serralves parks are great for a post lunch stroll.

At Livraria Lello.

Sunset in the Foz (Porto, Atlantic).

. At Livraria Lello, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. We are truly lucky to still have amazing people preserving/setting up places such as this one in Porto, or Daunt Books in London, or Tranquebar in Copenhagen, all different propositions of what a bookstore should be, but it has to be said that sadly, Lello became a business within a business with paying queues of non-stop avid millennials, come rain or come shine, with the sole intent of documenting for tik-tok, they don't really read any books do they?



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