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Shoes of the Week – Groundcover NY



The NY based brand started by former model and youtuber Avery Ginsberg is 'the ethical footwear brand that's worth believing in', according to Highsnobiety

Images of the "Schema" product and process.

. Swiss-army knife cupsole sneaker.

. Upcycled 75% Recycled Cotton 25% Hemp

. Post-production natural mineral dye.

. 40% SBR Rubber sole.

. Flat cotton laces with upcycled metal aglet.

. Raw edges with bias cut trim.

. Removable recycled cork insole with ten toe message.

We delivered the first production of Groundcover this week.

The Schema is a genderless sneaker made entirely out of plant-based materials and components presented in three colors, an untreated ecru and two mineral dip-dyed propositions, in faded black and deep green.

It took us almost 1 year to deliver this project, from R&D to the goods shipping. Choosing and testing materials, selecting and testing natural pigments while observing material behaviour took its time, and of course the industrialisation is a demanding process specially with the post-finish stage of dip-dying the shoes.

Going full Bio, Recycled and Upcycled should be 100% achievable for any brand. Researching into making it a reality should be the goal. This comes at a cost but it’s essential for the much-needed heightening of responsibility and clarity over process and materials used in our fashion products today.

Sustainable Upcycling

Upcycle alone should be a priority, making use of what’s already made and in stock in warehouses, both leather, textiles and components.

Recently I visited a leading textile company making shirting for one of my clients and they showed me around their state-of-the-art, partly robotic warehouse, a perfectly clean and multi-zone conditioned environment that ensures perfect conditions to older and more specific materials.

They told me it’s part of their environment policy to always show existing materials to clients with new developments, they have over €2M in materials in there... these need a new life.

A Groundcover boot made with pineapple skin.

When Avery Ginsberg began to lead a plant-based lifestyle in 2017, he looked everywhere for a sustainable and built-to-last work boot free of animal cruelty. After coming up blank, he decided to create his own. With form following function, GROUND COVER was born to produce robust, versatile footwear and accessories.

Sustainability in Action

Their mission statement is not only noble in today's environment struggles, but if you know Avery, it is actually a lifestyle goal: "We vow to use the most sustainable, long-lasting materials and support the most forward-thinking developments in textiles, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfilment. We will never use animal products nor discard unsold merchandise. We pledge to continuously improve our sustainability measures with every Ground Cover endeavour."

The brand launched their Garment Rebirth program recently.

Revive Your Wardrobe

The goal of the Garment Rebirth project is to strengthen their relationship with old clothes and shift paradigms: "We blastover your preloved clothing with natural indigo to help you see it again for the first time. Perhaps new clothing is unnecessary to feel beautiful, and we can nurture that excitement by saving something which lived in the shadow of history. The process is simple. Select your garment category. We'll automatically send you a shipping label, and once received, we will dye your garment an idyllic blue. When selecting the clothing you want to bring back to life, consider composition, colour, fabric, seam construction, and weight. All of these will impact your final look and price of your order. We also recommend teaming up with friends and family; send us a communal box of all your goods to gain access to wholesale pricing."

"If you garments have an oil stain (sometimes appearing only after dye jobs are complete), we will complimentary tie-dye or shibori dye your item to cover it up. Look out for email updates from our team! This hand dyed indigo process takes up to 4 weeks. Once your garments have their newfound personality, we'll immediately ship them back to you including a patch and pin of honour. (pins pictured)"

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