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Started when the first pandemic confinement hit, this is content that celebrates my past and informs a fresh vision forward. I have a fascination for subcultures, specially those with a close-knit relationship with leftfield and challenging music, so music does take center stage here. Glad if it resonates with you in some way and you discover something new here, in which case you should explore more and support the artists. Moving between London and Porto. Curated by Jorge Sampaio.

Ministry - Filth Pig

Album: Filth Pig (1996)
Track: Filth Pig (06:19)


A divisive album but any album after the seminal 'Psalm 69' was always going to be a challenge unless it was Psalm 70... despite a general consensus that the album is no good, that it drags relentlesly towards some kind of sluggish sludge with abundant unstructured soundscapes, I find the album rewarding after a few listens (I mean, I got this in '96 and I still spin some tracks today) and worthy of their catalogue.
The title 'Filth Pig' was allegedly derived from a statement made in the British Houses of Parliament, in which the band's leader Al Jourgensen was described as a "filthy pig" by MP Teddy Taylor for his onstage theatrics.
The original album cover depicts a young man holding an American flag with raw meat dripping on his head and a badge on his chest that reads, "Don't blame me." This cover is a montage of Donald Trump's head on the young man's body. Fitting. Good Ridance you pig.

Test Dept - Pax Britannica

Album: Pax Britannica (1991)
Track: Movement IV, the cracked facade (05:35)


Godflesh - Hymns

Album: Hymns (2001)
Track: Vampires (06:28)


Zs - New Slaves

Band: ZS
Album: New Slaves (2010)
Track: Acres of Skin (7:39)


Einsturzende - Haus Der Luge

Album: Haus der Lüge (1989)
Track: Haus der Lüge (04:29)


The Young Gods - L'eau Rouge

Album: L'Eau Rouge (1989)
Track: Longue Route (3:49)


Neptune - Grey Shallows

Album: Gong Lake (2008)
Track: Grey Shallows (04:24)



Ministry - Psalm 69

Album: Psalm 69: The way to succeed and the way to suck eggs (1992)
Track: Psalm 69 (05:28)


Einsturzende Neubauten Notes

Einstürzende Neubauten

"Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala" (Five on the open-ended Richter Scale) is Einsturzende Neubauten's 4th album released in 1987. It is also my introduction to the band.
Looking back, these years of 1987 and 88 are amongst the most significant years in music discovery and subsequent research and study of a completely different scene before me and would play a defining role in my music formation. In the later 80's music originating from Germany had become popular everywhere else, mainly due to the vibrant Punk Berlin scene and the increase in awareness that the Berlin wall coming down was imminent. All eyes were in Berlin and the end of the Iron Curtain and Cold war. But in terms of art and music in particular, you could only really read or listen to what was really happening through imported magazines and TV and information was scarce, often filtered and research was difficult. That's when I am introduced to Wim Wender's "Wings of Desire" movie of the same year. That is the pivotal event that changes my perception of music and a scene, and leads me to discover scenes within a scene. Music becomes research rather than acceptance. The movie catapults me to truly understand the full spectrum of this incoming scene, through the music of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds who feature in the movie. That noisy, discordant post-punk sound had become my thing. From then on the quest for discovery led me to this album. It's amongst the most dear records to me, alongside 89's Haus der Lüge.

Einsturzende Neubauten - Zerstorte

Album: Fünf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala (1987)
Track: Zerstorte Zellen (08:03)

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