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I have a fascination for subcultures, specially those with a close-knit relationship with leftfield and challenging music, so music does take center stage here. Glad if it resonates with you in some way and you discover something new here, in which case you should explore more and support the artists.

Interview - Aidan Baker

"... For me, the best collaborations are those which go in unexpected directions, which expose me to new sounds and techniques, or take my music somewhere other than I would myself...this doesn't always happen, or it happens in degrees, but the simple process of working with someone else is (almost always) rewarding. "

Interview - Sens Dep

"... Arvo Pärt taught me about gateway drugs. Cormac McCarthy’s writing appeals to me in a similar way. On Pärt, his music is so evocative and yet with a veneer of simplicity. By simple, it’s not fucking simple at all! ..."

Interview - Corecass

"... The biggest challenge was to play and record the church organ. I didn't do both before and it stressed me out a bit. I recorded the rest of the instruments in a studio which was new to me as well since I did all my other records at home before. "

Interview - Robot Koch

"...The song "Epic" (Faith No More) blew my mind, visually and sonically. By the time the piano exploded in the video I knew I wanted to make music. So I started to learn the drums. I started out as a drummer in a Death Metal band and went on to play more indie and jazz-infused stuff in bands. I only then discovered DJ'ing via Hip Hop. From there, it was a short way to making my own beats and producing tracks."

Interview - Franck Vigroux

"... The most important is to have artistic ideas and desire then every project found itself is own place or not, but I want to keep reasonable and humble. There’s many artists I would like to work with but most of them are not musicians, music is only an half of my work."

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