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Started when the first pandemic confinement hit, this is content that celebrates my past and informs a fresh vision forward. I have a fascination for subcultures, specially those with a close-knit relationship with leftfield and challenging music, so music does take center stage here. Glad if it resonates with you in some way and you discover something new here, in which case you should explore more and support the artists. Moving between London and Porto. Curated by Jorge Sampaio.

Death In June - Brown Book

Album: Brown Book (1986)
Track: Punishment Initiation (3:26)

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Death in June
Punishment Initiation

One is the Axis
Anonymous in glory
Love is now empty
And incomplete
Strike at the heart of hope
Where panic stirs the will
We hear Dog's blessing
This sleepless night's torture
We pray for it's ending
We push for the slaughter
Of a broken faith missing
Of a passing love dying
We start afresh
For love and for death
One is the Axis
Anonymous in glory
Love is now empty
Forever, incomplete

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