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Started when the first pandemic confinement hit, this is content that celebrates my past and informs a fresh vision forward. I have a fascination for subcultures, specially those with a close-knit relationship with leftfield and challenging music, so music does take center stage here. Glad if it resonates with you in some way and you discover something new here, in which case you should explore more and support the artists. Moving between London and Porto. Curated by Jorge Sampaio.

Interview - Aidan Baker

"... For me, the best collaborations are those which go in unexpected directions, which expose me to new sounds and techniques, or take my music somewhere other than I would myself...this doesn't always happen, or it happens in degrees, but the simple process of working with someone else is (almost always) rewarding. "

Nadja - Disrotted

Album: Split w/ Disrotted (2021)
Track: From the lips of a Ghost in the Shadow of a Unicorn's Dream (19:03)


Interview - Dehn Sora

"... (there are) many albums and artists who’ve accompanied me. Whether it was to overcome a moment, or taken by surprise by something I wasn't expecting music wise... It felt the same the first time I played Darkthrone for example. This example comes to my mind. I was not ready for being surrounded by that much atmosphere..."

Throane - Sortez Vos Lames

Album: Derriere nous, La Lumiere (2016)
Track: Sortez vos lames, Que nous perdions nos poigns (4:11)

bandcamp | Dehn Sora official

Interview - Sens Dep

"... Arvo Pärt taught me about gateway drugs. Cormac McCarthy’s writing appeals to me in a similar way. On Pärt, his music is so evocative and yet with a veneer of simplicity. By simple, it’s not fucking simple at all! ..."

Sens Dep - Lush Desolation

Album: Lush Desolation (2020)
Track: Will you + Come back for me (08:50)


Dakota Suite - Notes

Photo: Yasuyoshi Chiba

Dakota Suite & Vampillia

The origin of this collaboration began two months prior to the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Dakota Suite had been touring Japan with their friends from the Japanese band Vampillia and had been in several coastal locations in Wakayama as well as places near to Fukushima. The tsunami was very upsetting for Chris Hooson and David Buxton from Dakota Suite who then set about making music to reflect this overwhelming sadness and loss for Japan. They approached Vampillia to work on these somber reflective songs for the sea.
This collaboration is highly recommended and in remembrance of the disaster that cost the life of over 18000 people which will be 10 years next 11th Mach, I couldn't think of a more fitting piece of music than my favorite track of the album "The sea is never full - Part 2". At 27 minutes it demands your full attention but the reward comes in bundles of honest emotion.
Posted: 18/01/2021

Dakota Suite - Vampilia - The Sea Is Never Full

Album: The Sea is never full (2016)
Track: The Sea is never full (Part 2) (27:07)


Interview - Corecass

"... The biggest challenge was to play and record the church organ. I didn't do both before and it stressed me out a bit. I recorded the rest of the instruments in a studio which was new to me as well since I did all my other records at home before. "

Corecass - Void

Album: Void (2020)
Track: Void ii (06:59)


Interview - Robot Koch

"...The song "Epic" (Faith No More) blew my mind, visually and sonically. By the time the piano exploded in the video I knew I wanted to make music. So I started to learn the drums. I started out as a drummer in a Death Metal band and went on to play more indie and jazz-infused stuff in bands. I only then discovered DJ'ing via Hip Hop. From there, it was a short way to making my own beats and producing tracks."

Robot Koch - Albatross

Album: Albatross (2020)
Track: Too Much Blood (3:36)

bandcamp | The Outlaw Ocean project

Interview - Franck Vigroux

"... The most important is to have artistic ideas and desire then every project found itself is own place or not, but I want to keep reasonable and humble. There’s many artists I would like to work with but most of them are not musicians, music is only an half of my work."

Franck Vigroux

Album: Ballades sur lac Gelé (2020)
Track: Beyond the Black Hole (07:23)


Delmer Darion - Notes

Delmer Darion

"Electronic duo Delmer Darion have spent five years putting together their debut album, Morning Pageants. It's a hyper-literary account of the devil's death, detailed and engrossing. The concept was inspired by a line from Wallace Stevens's poem "Esthétique du Mal." Preferring to work from samples, which can be a nightmare to clear before a release, they instead recorded two albums' worth of material that they could then cut and mutate." The Fader
I just happen to hear a line from onetime MTV host Kurt Loder pondering the virtues of sampling in popular culture to underscore the action: “is it art or is it stealing?”. It was 1989.

Delmer Darion - 290 Recto

Album: Morning Pageants (2020)
Track: 290 Recto (03:19)

bandcamp | practise music

Matt Elliott - Notes

Matt Elliott

It's been 20 years since The Kursk, a Russian Nuclear-powered submarine sank to the bottom of the Barents Sea after an on-board explosion, on the 12th of August 2000. The world watched while rescue attempts were made but these were to no avail. It was subsequently discovered that 23 of the 118 submariners on board survived the initial explosion but perished when their oxygen supplies ran out in the subsequent days.
The tragedy inspired this track on Matt Elliott’s 2005 album 'Drinking Songs'.
'The Kursk' (dedicated, in the sleevenotes, to “those lost at sea”) starts off with some sound effects that are supposed to represent the submarine’s sinking but, to be honest are utterly unnecessary. The track itself is built around a repeated guitar figure overlaid with cello and multi-tracked, wordless voices. The melody is a simple one that evokes the great Red Army Choir songs of the steppes. The lyrical figure is almost nursery rhyme like in its simplicity, but nonetheless chilling: “It’s cold I’m afraid / It’s been like this for a day / The water is rising and slowly we’re dying / We won’t see light again / We won’t see our wives again”. This is repeated as a mantra. The track begins to fade some three minutes from the end. The multitude of voices thin out until there is only one – and then that, too, is snuffed out.
Elliott was initially a member of Bristol space-rockers Flying Saucer Attack, before recording five albums as Third Eye Foundation.

Matt Eliott - The Kursk

Album: Drinking Songs (2005)
Track: The Kursk (11:34)


Infidel Castro Notes

Infidel? Castro!

The works of hyperactive wunderkind musician and producer Colin Marston (of Dysrhythmia fame then, of the amazing Krallice lately) led me to discover one of his many projects exploring the limitless possibilities of noise: Infidel?/Castro!. Listening to (and enjoying) the music of I?C! takes preparation, even 15 years after its release. Sprawling structures combine metal elements with ambient soundscapes, adding near-indigestible digital treatment, sounding suspiciously like a broken cd player. Indeed when I bought this it was in the form of 2 cd's. There's a lot to feast on here in a combination of ambient (early tracks) and a more nervous atmosphere (later). I am fine with having to skip the harsher bits but this is one of those albums I am still considering cutting and stitching all the favorite bits in Audacity...

Infidel Castro - Damage Fractal

Album: Bioentropic Damage Fractal (2005)
Track: Damage fractal series ii (03:40)


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