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08 July 24

documentary, music

'Eno' is the visionary documentary about visionary musician and artist Brian Eno, created and directed by filmmaker Gary Hustwit, the film which premiered at Sundance in January, makes use of a program to select footage and edit the film so that a different version is shown each time it is screened.

Eno (A visionary documentary about Brian Eno – 2024)

29 June 24


Drawing inspiration from Noh, a traditional Japanese musical drama dating back to the 14th century, Alva Noto's newest HYbr:ID III reflects the genre's distinctive rhythmic movements and its nuanced expression of emotions through subtle gestures.

Alva Noto – HYbr:ID Sync Inter (Official Video 2024)

18 June 24


Solar 42 'Ambient Machine' is a unique experimental electro-music instrument, an analogue microtonal ambient drone machine, built by Riga based ELTA music.

Solar 42: Cool Drone Synthesizer – 2024

02 June 24

concert, music

Primavera Sound Porto - 10th edition, takes place in Porto's Parque da Cidade from 6-8 June.

Primavera Sound Porto (6-8 June 2024)

26 May 24


The latest film from Portuguese director Miguel Gomes competed with Coppola, Lanthimos, Sorrentino and Cronenberg to win the Palme D'Or for Best Director at Cannes 2024.

Grand Tour – Trailer (Dir. Miguel Gomes – 2024)

21 May 24


Rishiri island is a unique place on earth. An extinct volcanic peak rising over the ocean, where the four primary elements meet on just over 1 km².

Conceria Opera – Rishiri

17 May 24


“Funiculaire” is the first single off Thisquietarmy’s upcoming cassette “Les estampes”. The film was shot in Viana do Castelo (Portugal) in 2018 during a EU tour, edited as a video in 2024.

Thisquietarmy – Funiculaire (Official Music Video – 2024)

08 May 24


Steve Albini RIP (1962-2024). Excerpt from 'Show Us Your Junk! Ep. 23' (EarthQuaker Devices - 2019). This post is also available from my Substack.

Steve Albini RIP

29 April 24


Patrick Higgins 'Versus' (Official Music Video - 2024)

Patrick Higgins – Versus (Official Music Video – 2024)

24 April 24


The latest by Portuguese director Daniel Soares is competing at the Cannes Short Films category. A team-building event goes wrong and brings the owner of an architect studio face-to-face with the lower-class neighbourhood that his company is gentrifying.

Bad for a Moment – Trailer (Dir. Daniel Soares – 2024)

14 March 24


Ryuichi Sakamoto final performance: a concert film, featuring just him and his piano directed by his son Neo Sora in late 2022, with all the energy he could muster, already in his last year leading to his lost battle against cancer. official site

Ryuichi Sakamoto “Opus” (Official Trailer – 2024)

11 March 24

documentary, music

I revisit this documentary made by Lance Bangs on the day it was released 10 years ago, on the American band Slint with a focus on their seminal final album, Spiderland.

Breadcrumb Trail (Documentary – 2014)

31 January 24


  .meth - SHAME (Official Music Video - 2024)  

.meth – SHAME (Official Music Video – 2024)

08 December 23


Noah x The Cure FW 23 collection with artist Perla Haney-Jardine.

Noah x The Cure FW ’23

07 November 23


Miu Miu SS24 Fashion Show, featuring the music of Divide & Dissolve.

Miu Miu SS24 Fashion Show (Director’s Cut by Sophia Al-Maria – 2023)

28 October 23


Alva Noto (HYbr:ID Ectopia Interacting - 2023). From Alva Noto's album 'HYbr:ID II' out on NOTON on October 13, 2023.

Alva Noto (HYbr:ID Ectopia Interacting – 2023)

18 October 23


Roly Porter 'Life Cycle of a Massive Star' (Album Film - 2013). On it's 10th anniversary here is the full album video by James Ginzburg.

Roly Porter ‘Life Cycle of a Massive Star’ (Album Film – 2013)

12 October 23


ISKANDR - Hof der Valken (Official Music Video - 2023)

ISKANDR – Hof der Valken (Official Music Video – 2023)

30 September 23


Sprain - Privilege of Being (Official Music Video - 2023).

Sprain – Privilege of Being (Official Music Video – 2023)

20 September 23


Lasse Marhaug - How to Avoid Ants (Présences Électronique Paris - 2023)

Lasse Marhaug – How to Avoid Ants (Présences Électronique Paris – 2023)