Arrowounds was a very good surprise in 2023. There’s a good interview with Ryan S. Chamberlain in the Headphone Commute website, its a round of his studio where we learn about his gear and production techniques he employs to achieve the dense layers of sounds that characterise the sound of Arrowounds.
I watched Midsommar for the first time this week. The score is awesome. I am a big Bobby Krlic fan since the time of The Haxan Cloak.
Mexican composer Gibrana Cervantes latest album ‘How do we pass on eternity?’ is the result of a deep immersion in Mahler’s symphony No. 5, where the vital losses are intertwined with the creation of a rethoric formulation. Recorded in the FOA2 Studio in Tepotzlan, Mexico, the album becomes a masterpiece merging the philosophy, the holistic sanity and the introspection through the music. With its central theme, “Moving Through Our Waters”, Gibrana reveals her connection with nature, especially with the Pixquiac River in Veracruz, where the river currents and the flow of the water are transformed into a unique sound experience. Catch her with Rafael Anton Irisarri next March 2024 at London’s Cafe Oto.