Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsFrom Her To EternityFrom ‘From Her To Eternity’ 1984
♫ Sing along ♫
Ah wanna tell ya ’bout a girlYou know, she lives in room twenty-nineWhy, why? That’s the one right up top a mineI start to cry, I start to cry
Oh, I hear her walkingWalking barefoot cross the floorboardsAll through this lonesome nightI hear her crying tooHot-tears come splashing downLeaking through the cracksDown upon my faceI catch ’em in my mouthCatch ’em in my mouthCatch ’em in my mouthI catch ’em in my mouthWalk and cry, walk and cryWalk and cry, I’ll walk and cry
From her to eternityFrom her to eternityFrom her to eternity
I read her diary on her sheetsScrutinizing every little bit of dirtTore out a page and stuffed it inside my shirtI fled outta the windowAnd shinning it down the vineOutta her nightmareAnd back into mineMine, oh mine
From her to eternityFrom her to eternityCry, cry, cryCry, cry, cry
She’s wearing those blue stockings, I betAnd standing like this with my ear to the ceilingListen I know it must sound absurdBut I can hear the most melancholy sound I ever heardWalk and cry, walk and cryKneel and cry, kneel and cry
From her to eternityFrom her to eternity
Oh tell me why?Oh tell me why? Why? Why? Why?Oh tell me why?Don’t tell me a lieWhy the ceiling still shakes? Shake, shake, shakeAnd all the fixtures turn to serpents and snakes?This desire to possess her is a woundAnd it’s nagging at me like a shrewBut I know, that to possess herIs, therefore, not to desire her
Oh, then that little girl would just have to go, goFrom her to eternityOh, go, go, goFrom her to eternity (x 10)