A mix of acoustic songs, played with engaging energy and passion. Presenting several guitar virtuosos and among them, some real gems and the unforgettable work of two Basho’s: one American and one German, both gifted guitarists, both missed.
Robbie Basho dubbed by his fans as ‘The Father of American Raga’ passed away in 1986. Buck Curran of psychedelic folk band Arborea has curated two Robbie Basho tribute albums, We Are All One in the Sun (2010) and Basket Full of Dragons (2016). Both albums feature contemporary artists reinterpreting Basho’s material and original compositions inspired by his style and you should investigate them as they are absolutely mandatory for any fan of Robbie Basho but also the finger-picked guitar technique.
Steffen Basho-Junghans died last December 2022. He was a self taught guitarist since the age of 17. Throughout the 1980’s he became influenced by artists on John Fahey‘s Takoma Records label. During this period he discovered the music of Robbie Basho, and consequently became interested in Japanese Haiku poet Matsuo Bashō, who had influenced Robbie Basho.