Mix Cover: Artwork is for John Zorn’s infamous album ‘Naked City’ released on Elektra Nonesuch in February 1990. The band assembled by Zorn for the album would later be known as Naked City and included Yamantaka Eye, founder of the Japanese band Boredoms, taking on vocals.
Main Image: Eugene S. Robinson.
When I moved to my new home in London back in 2006, I invested a couple of weeks making small renovations to the doors, windows and floor. Basically small wood work repair and varnishing and painting, a lot of it. During that time there were 3 albums that stuck: Oxbow ‘An Evil Heat’, Capricorns ‘Ruder Forms Survive’ and Part Chimp ‘I Am Come’. I became somewhat addicted to Eugene Robinson’s shrieks and moans and his fierce vocal delivery, so its great to know the big guy is a keen collaborator and lends his talents to a myriad of different projects.
So this mix is a small tribute to Eugene, with a track from my favourite Oxbow album ‘An Evil heat’ and his contributions to a couple of debut albums by the much missed Capricorns and little known Italian band Dead Elephant, as well as the more recent project Buñuel, for a total of 4 tracks, delivered the Eugene style.
Finally, the outro track ‘Dr. Horse Pt. 2’ by Londoners Part Chimp has always intrigued me. That faint/broken choir voice synth sound always makes me think of that buried synth choir drone in Bathory’s ‘Blood Fire Death‘, kind of crazy but thats what I get from it every time it plays.