RIP Brian Mc Bride (1970-2023)
Ending this mix with Stars of the Lid. I find it fitting that this release features a song called JPRIP, which is basically a tribute to the great John Peel. Below is a Radio transcript of JP introducing a series of bands – amongst them Stars of the Lid – and It goes like this:
[Radio sample: John Peel]
“And, uh… referring now to something which I’ve referred to before — which a lot of people seem to ‘ve read —, that’s The Wire magazine, a November issue piece called Back To The Future which was by uh… Simon Reynolds, in the course of which he says – well the thing at the top, he says “the spent forces of Grunge and lo-fi are giving way to a new impulse in American post-rock” he says “Groups such as Tortoise, Labradford, Stars Of Thе Lid and Sabalon Glitz are rewiring rock according to the lеgacies of European space rock, avant-jazz and ambient sound design”. And it′s his most interesting piece and instructive too and incidentially there’s a new Tortoise LP called ‘Millions Now Living Will Never Die’, which we’re actually playing not next week because that′s Festive Fifty weekend, but the week after that a track or two from that… And the other one of these people that I′d not actually heard was Stars of the Lid and I’ve actually tracked down a copy of their LP, probably had one for years; it′s on Sentimental Records, of Austin Texas and it’s called ‘Music For Nitrous Oxide’ and it has to be said that it starts — this track which I′m gonna play, which is ‘Before Top Dead Center’ — starts – it’s very, very quiet indeed so you may well think something′s gone wrong with your radio, but uh- that’s that, alright…”
Click on this link up on the Internet Archive to listen to some great SotL live recordings.