I put this mix together thinking about Scott Walker. He passed away 5 years ago last 22 March. Between two of his most recent albums: ‘The Drift‘ and ‘Bish Bosch‘, I decided to feature the latter, because I have so many mixes with songs from the former. I went for a selection of mostly highly charged, heavily percussive tracks, because as a drummer, that was one of the most satisfying aspects of Scotts later work, I guess after his uniquely rich baritone vocal delivery.
Released in 2006, The Drift was Scott Walker’s first album in eleven years, following 1995’s Tilt and it was my fully fledged introduction to the bizarre musical world of Scott, by the time of its release known as an otherworldly experimental musician. The album was recorded over a period of seventeen months at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick, with orchestra recorded in one day at George Martin’s AIR Studios in Hampstead, both locations in London. It is a masterpiece of dark, contemporary experimental music, produced by a 63 year old, which is impossible to un-hear and an album that has stayed with me, one of my favourite albums ever by one of the misfits in music of the last 50 years.