MSC ‘What You Say Of Power’

Following up on their thunderous 2020 collab release ‘I Don’t Ever Want To Be Alone’ with Rhode Island’s iconic experimental metal group The Body (of which MSC’s Zac Jones has long been a touring member), twin brothers Zac & Isaac Jones present their debut solo full length as MSC, ‘What You Say Of Power’.

Backed up by a monumental homemade sound system and sprung forth from a time of motorbike accidents, broken skulls & van thefts, ‘What You Say Of Power’ is dense and physical, and yet at times also beautiful and delicate.

Growing up in a home in the rural Southeast of the United States where Religious music was the standard, the brothers found their own route, regularly listening to classical music before growing into fringe mainstays in the punk and metal scenes with projects such as Braveyoung. They gradually evolved out of that scene, making their way towards the current project with the release of ‘I Close My Mind And Lock It’, two EPs released simultaneously that crystallized the musical elements and techniques loved and sought out by the brothers. 2020 saw not only the release of ‘I Don’t Ever Want To Be Alone’ but also the wonderfully glitched out, breakbeat/Jungle record ‘World Vision Perfect Harmony’ which

The soundsystem the brothers have built plays a central part of the story of this record and MSC as a project “is an extension of our path in music together”, the brothers note. One thing that can hamper electronic acts is the lack of control over the soundsystem available at different spaces, so MSC are grappling with that problem with a solution that speaks to their hardworking characters: building their own and touring it.  ↗ Tobira Records