Is 2008 the Post-Metal heyday? the genre defining albums were released during the 00’s and 2008 was truly special with a string of releases that are just unforgettable: what to say about the ferocious brilliance of The Ocean’s Precambrian and lest not forget Intronaut’s Prehistorisicm, these two albums – quite similar in concept – built on all the best elements of Mastodon and Meshuggah and redefined the post-metal template.
And somewhere in between I still manage to shamelessly muscle in a bit of Mindrot’s 1995 Dawning, a criminally overlooked record, and a very personal album for me. Personal in every aspect. I listened to this album before I knew there was a band called Neurosis, but already here I had summoned the kind of emotions one feels when listening to the Californian band. The atmosphere and sound in this album is as if Neurosis had a jam section with no others than The Fields of the Nephilim.
RIP Matt Fisher.