Part of my Foundation series, featuring the bands and albums of the 90’s that influenced my music taste today. A bunch of alt-rock, noise and punk-hardcore gems from 1989-1999.
Mix Cover is the artwork for Slint’s 1994 EP ‘Untitled’. The only EP and final release by Slint. It was recorded in 1989, with the band breaking up in 1990 before Spiderland’s release; it remained unreleased until 1994.
Main image: David Yow ex-Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, Qui, etc… photographed by David Sprague at the OAF (One-Armed Farmers) House. David Sprague moved to Austin from San Angelo in 1980 to study photography at UT. He worked part-time for the Daily Texan, and in his senior year he got an assignment to shoot photos at the OAF (One-Armed Farmers) House for an ‘Images’ cover story by Brent Grulke. “It was a good place to be a photographer,” says Sprague, captivated by the scene he captured.