Boundary pushing sonic landscapes – delivered by a disparate group of musicians playing with exquisite sampling, live circuits and power electronics, bringing a new dimension to experimental music, laced in doom and gloom, with a post-everything attitude to darkness and noise.
Been a fan of Sutekh Hexen for some time now and every time these guys release new music I am thrilled. In the realm of extreme and otherworldly sounds, few entities have reached the peaks of cacophony and sonic disintegration touched by Bay Area blackened noise cult miscreants Sutekh Hexen. The ultra-prolific black noise sorcerers from Oakland have thus far amassed, in less than five years of existence, a massive discography that touches depths of endarkenment and musical disembodiment that are almost impossible to understand. Keep an eye on their singular record label as well, Sentient Ruin, home to Altarage, Hell, Spire, Uranium, Vessel of Iniquity and many more notable underground bands pushing the limits of extreme music.