Some post-rock songs are as perennial as a good John Fahey, The Cure or Metallica track. I started listening to Post-Rock in its most raw and uncompromising manner, via the great Godspeed You Black Emperor! around the time of “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven”. Soon after I was catching up with Explosions in The Sky, From Monuments to Masses and Mogwai. I remember sending an interview to Mogwai by email, sometime around 2004, when I was creating content for a London based brand’s journal/blog. Even though the team was more interested in Anticon (Superb East Coast experimental hip-hop label) or The White Stripes, I convinced them to include what I believed was the most interesting ‘new’ band in the UK (after the album “Happy Songs for Happy People“). Both bands are supreme in their very own style and craft. 90% of the other Post-rock bands pale in comparison. More recently I consider Ambient/Electronic musicians to be much closer to post-rock than all the bands (still) going at it for the last 20 years.