A mix of mostly Neoclassical Dark wave going back nearly 35 years to DCD’s magnificent opus “Within The Realm of a Dying Sun” released on the highly influential label 4AD.  The album refers to 19th century Paris with a reference to the poem “N’importe Ou Hors du Monde” by Charles Baudelaire (from his book ‘Le Spleen de Paris’ published in 1869) which the band translates as ‘Anywhere Out of the World’, the opening track of the album and featured in this mix.
The artwork (which I framed a little differently) is one of my all time favourites. It’s a photo taken in the Parisian cemetery Père-Lachaise – which I visited a few times – the resting place of many a writer, war veteran and scientist as well as notable art luminaries – from Marcel Proust to Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf to Jim Morrison… its just a beautiful poignant spot to spend a few hours admiring its remarkable monuments which tell intriguing stories of the deceased.
Other notable acts in the realm of Dark Ambient/Neoclassical include Arcana and Raison D’Être, who have consistently released acclaimed ethereal and avant-neo-classical music for the last 30 years but I also punctuate the mix with a choice of contemporaries worth noting, such as Demen and Anna Von Hausswolff, both Swedish ladies from whom I expect great things in the coming years.
Dedicated to the memory of Andrea Hogen co-founder of Aghast. RIP 1969-2021. Andrea was a German musician, model and author. Due to Andrea’s involvement in the film industry, Aghast’s music was used in several movies such as the Sci-Fi movie ‘Regression’ and Horror flicks ‘The Specter’ and ‘Sinister’ directed by Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) with Ethan Hawke. She had been married to Samoth of band Emperor and they had a daughter. She was living in Kongsberg when she was murdered at the age of 52 in the Kongsberg Attacks on 13 October 2021.