I’ve been around for half a century. This is a mix with music I feel like listening to these days. Cinematic and often arresting, sound sketches for use in my homemade videos, revisiting childhood corn fields at dusk or foggy winter mountain tops. No cars in sight, no brutalism. Just nature, light and sound. It works just as fine when using them as interludes between longer instrumental post-rock songs, in keeping with the quiet/loud dynamics.
I remember being intrigued with The (Fallen) Black Deer’s Latitutes release when it came out, so now for a major reveal: Josh Graham and Greg Burns, who were on tour with their band Red Sparrowes, entered London’s Southern Studios in October 2006 and with no preparation recorded their own version of a soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick’s classic ‘The Shining’, particularly concentrating on the last half of the film – where the unforgettable Jack Torrance slowly disintegrates into a psycho and the inevitable and infamous conclusion draws in. This is the result, a contemporary take on a possible soundtrack for one of my favourite American movies ever.