Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have been on demand for scoring (mostly) independent film and documentary soundtracks for some 20 years now. Being a fan of Nick Cave since the times of The Birthday Party, it is always exciting when he lends his songwriting talent to other ventures – specially when they may be partly scripted by somebody else in terms of concept and vision, as I see this not alway being Nick’s favourite territory – but also because his times with Warren Ellis have garnered massive success. Nick has been a man of collaboration, but the fruitful relationship with Ellis went far further than their time together in the Bad Seeds and Grinderman and, has somehow redefined the way Nick’s instrumental music sounds and is becoming a sort of a trade mark.
I made a small mixtape with just a couple of tracks from film favourites The Proposition (2005), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) and The Road (2009) and also Loin Des Hommes (2014), Hell or High Water (2016), Wind River (2017) and the Netflix show Dahmer (2022). Some extra material from the amazing White Lunar double CD is also included. This is not soundtrack music, this is art music… listening to the last piece “Death and Baptism” as you watch that particular scene in Dahmer’s Episode 10 is difficult to not surrender to the emotions in every note.