Nov. 1 is All Saints Day, a feast day observing the lives of the many saints for whom there is no specific feast day during the year. The following day, Nov. 2, marks a day of prayer for, and remembrance of, the “faithfully departed”, and thus here’s a fitting mix:  the intro by Unfurl (Ancestral Spirit taken from 2019’s The Waking Void) is misleading and sucks the unsuspecting listener in, into a world they can’t quite process. This is no ambient mix, quite the opposite as I regard this one of the heaviest and most vicious mixes I have ever made. These old favourite tracks also serve as a reminder to check on new music from bands that I didn’t come across recently in blogs or social. Such is the case with The Secret and Bestia Arcana, who contribute killer tracks here, but there hasn’t been anything new and it has been a while so they most probably folded which is a shame. I keep an eye on Negativa, an exciting new prospect from Spain and SHS from Australia could evolve into something very special.