About the cover album: Two years after the release of their second album “Bareback” on Svart Records in 2018, Throat close the cycle on the album with a double remix version. Presumably a first within the noise-rock scene, Throat invited artists from the international noise/industrial scene to select a song off “Bareback” and deconstruct/destroy/rearrange the raw studio tracks provided to them. As a result, “Bareback (Stripped & Remasked)” contains a remixed version of the original album. The artists/groups participating on “Bareback (Stripped & Remasked)” include Government Alpha, Himukalt, Deison, Black Leather Jesus, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Vanhala, Heat Signature, Like Weeds, Linekraft, Lasse Marhaug, Concrete Mascara, Erratix, Niku Daruma, Kazuma Kubota, Jarl and Ker√§nen.
Final word of warning: if you are looking for straight-up noise rock or new Throat material and can’t stand to have your head pierced by harsh noise power tools, this release may not be for you.