The experimental noise band Monno start one of the heaviest mixes I have ever put together. Vocalist Gilles Aubry, is an artist and musician with a varied output and holds an MA in Sound Art from the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK) and a PhD in social anthropology from the Bern University. Not your typical metal band then. Surprisingly this mini album has become one of my favourite noise/doom records of the last 10 years.

Next, a mysterious entity called Halo from Australia maintains that obliterating mood… they sound like if Bastard Noise had a jam with Godflesh, the result is a very ugly offspring. Got to love that bass tone.

These days it seems I want to feature The Body all the time – a band that is amongst the most adventurous names in Avant/Experimental music, in any genre, today – and I wouldn’t mind including more from one of my favourite dark noise doom combos and a band I miss enormously, Indian, if they were still at it (RIP Bill Bumgardner). Bloody Panda, another short lived band who surfaced around the popular 2005-2010 blackest ever doom doom fad, had serious potential – and the looks – but chose to desist.